The Loft is a place for idea generation and is perfectly suited for learning events and exploration. Discussion and interaction are the vital activities that fulfill The Loft’s purpose. Check out what is taking place 21 floors above the city.

Thought Leadership Luncheon Series: April 2017

Join us as we explore ideas about transforming today’s complex work environments, discuss the different directions workplaces needs to go to support the complexity of today’s workers, and share thoughts about strengthening positive work cultures.  These events will provide new insights and creative ideas, with the goal of helping organizations achieve their fullest potential.

Catalyst Workplace Activation is a leader in accelerating the transformation of today’s diverse “workplace”.   We are experts at helping you create engaging places where people actively work, collaborate and generate ideas.  As an extension of our core services, we are proud to provide this learning series as a way to better understand how the workplace affects behavior, mood, innovation and performance.


April 19:      Work Culture Optimization

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For our March and April events, we’ve invited featured speakers from Calibrate Work Culture Optimization.  Calibrate focuses on restoring and revitalizing the world’s underperforming organizations. They do this through Work Culture Optimization. With more than 60 years of combined experience in helping organizations thrive, Richard Beaton, Ph.D. (Director of Work Sociology), Linda Wagener, Ph.D. (Director of Work Psychology), and Mark Jacobsen (Director of Brand Culture) will be joining Catalyst for this exciting and stimulating five-part series.  Come for the food… come for the ideas… or just come for the experience. We look forward to seeing you.

Loft 2.0 The Clubhouse: Nov 2016

Loft 2.0 is about The Clubhouse, that is, the new landscape for the most effective and productive workplaces.  Based upon years of research on 120 companies, Herman Miller identified trends and strategies that have led to deeper employee engagement and higher productivity.

Creating a workplace with a purposeful variety of settings provides a platform for generating the best ideas.