The Catalyst Loft is designed to be a vital, evolving space that serves to provoke thought, spark conversation and to provide a platform for the latest in workplace ideas.

Thought Leadership Luncheon: April 2017

Our Thought Leadership Luncheon Series explored ideas about transforming today’s complex work environments.  During these sessions, we discussed the different directions workplaces needs to go to support the complexity of today’s workers, and shared thoughts about strengthening positive work cultures.  These events provided new insights and creative ideas, with the goal of helping organizations achieve their fullest potential.

As an extension of our core services, we proudly provided this learning series as a way to better understand how the workplace affects behavior, mood, innovation and performance.


The Real Facts of Attracting & Retaining Talent

Changing of the Guard – Generational Shifts

The Intersection of Workspace & Work Culture

Cultivating a Multi-National Work Culture

Our featured speakers for this series were from Calibrate Work Culture Optimization.  Calibrate focuses on restoring and revitalizing the world’s underperforming organizations. They do this through Work Culture Optimization. With more than 60 years of combined experience in helping organizations thrive, Richard Beaton, Ph.D. (Director of Work Sociology), Linda Wagener, Ph.D. (Director of Work Psychology), and Mark Jacobsen (Director of Brand Culture) joined us for this exciting and stimulating five-part series.

Millennials vs. Boomers: Nov. 2016

By 2025, the workplace will be dominated by the group we call Millennials. The goals, working styles and generational differences of this group differ from their predecessors – Baby Boomers and Gen Xers – sometimes vastly.  Led by Richard Beaton, Ph.D (Workplace Sociologist) and Linda Wagener, Ph.D (Workplace Psychologist), Catalyst created a series of explorations into creating a vital, productive and welcoming multi-generational workplace.

The Boomers vs. Millennials event highlighted the basic attitudes and facts of the Millennial generation.  Live actors showcased hypothetical workplace interactions and suggested strategies for creating understanding, consonance and ultimately, the most engaging and productive workplace.

LOFT 1.0: Jan 2016

The Loft was conceived of as a grand experiment.  What if we created a place that wasn’t about products and selling, and wasn’t a showroom – but a place that provided a stage for the best workplace ideas?

What if we developed a space that in itself inspired thought, possibility, and engaged the senses as much as the mind?  What if we invited people to not only experience it but to use it?

In January of 2016, The Catalyst Loft came to life and was open for ideas.

Leaning heavily on Herman Miller’s Living Office research, Loft 1.0 was an expression of Catalyst’s Activated Workplace – a space that expressly considers how people need to function and work today – that creates the deepest engagement and the best platform for generating the best of ideas.