A+D Passport Program

Are you an architecture and design professional?
Do you enjoy learning, having fun, travel, and connecting with other industry professionals in the world of architecture and design?
Do you enjoy winning prizes, Herman Miller products, and being treated to food, drinks, and other goodies?

Of course, you do; who wouldn't?

Enter the A+D Passport Rewards Program brought to you exclusively by Catalyst and Herman Miller.

Attend an eligible event & Earn stamps!

-Webinar - Attend a Catalyst Thought Leadership Webinar or Event (1 stamp)
-Webinar - Attend a Herman Miller Design Insight Series (1 stamp)
-Lunch & Learn - Attend a Catalyst or Herman Miller Lunch and Learn (1 stamp)
-Virtual Studio or Showroom Tour - Attend a guided virtual Showroom or Product Studio tour (1 stamp)
-Philanthropic Event - Participate in a Herman Miller or Catalyst philanthropic event (Ex: Herman Miller We Care and Catalyst Puppies on Parade) (3 stamps)
-Physical Showroom Tour - Schedule and tour through our showroom with a Catalyst or Herman Miller salesperson (3 stamps)

Keep your eye out for other passport events on our social media and regular emails.

Win prizes!

Smaller Prizes
Attend a guided virtual showroom or product studio tour for a chance to win smaller product prizes and goodies. Not to mention, some of these events come with complimentary goodies, drinks, and more.

Large Prizes
Annual raffle drawing for passport holders with 4 or more stamps. The prize will be your choice of product from the Herman Miller Family of Brands valued up to $500, including the Herman Miller A+D discount. 1 stamp = 1 raffle ticket. The more stamps you have, the more you increase your chances of winning a prize.

Please familiarize yourself with the Program Rules + FAQ below to ensure your eligibility for the annual raffle.

Program Rules + FAQ

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