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A Quick Word From Your Dedicated Workplace Furniture Expert

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Diagnosing Common Computer-Based Work Pains

Experiencing pain when working from home or at work? Here's how to fix it with recommendations from the ergonomic experts at Herman Miller.

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Ergonomic Basics, Tips, and Hacks

With the help of our workplace and ergonomic experts at Herman Miller, we've outlined some helpful tips for ensuring your home office (and office) are helping you promote a healthy body. Follow our ergonomic checklist to learn how to prevent injury and stay productive.

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Award-Winning Ergonomic Task Seating

Shaped from 70+ years of research, science, design, and ergonomic expertise, each chair in Herman Miller's performance seating collection features a unique blend of benefits that no other chairs on the market can provide. Find your perfect fit and feel the effects of a good day's sit.

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Thrive Portfolio, Ergonomics Everywhere

The Herman Miller Thrive Ergonomic Portfolio pairs human factors and ergonomics expertise with research-driven products to help you create a work environment where everyone can thrive. From office chairs, tables, technology support to lighting, desk accessories, research, and more, you'll find what you need to Thrive.

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Ergonomic Product & Resources to Support Your Physical, Social, and Cognitive Needs

Enjoy a curative list of product and resources to assist you in achieving physical comfort, cognitive support, and social connection from your home or the office.

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The Near Future State of The Office—Our Point of View

Three guiding principles and how we’re creating an agile and flexible space one step at a time | 2 min read

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What's the Future of the Office?

From better support for people working at home to dynamic workplace networks that offer people more variety and choice than ever before, see why we’re excited about the future of the office.

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