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Catalyst Workplace Activation serves six primary markets: Corporate, Healthcare, Education, Government, Modular Walls, and Services.

Leading with innovation and working with dedication, we translate your needs, curate the best options, and activate positive workplace change.

Contact Catalyst to discover how to create and maintain a workplace that ignites smarter work.

The parts and pieces that make up a workplace—furniture, walls, technology—are important, but they’re just things and, frankly, anyone can sell them to you. What you can’t get just anywhere is our innovative perspective, our purposeful process, and our team of industry experts. Together, it’s our secret formula that results in your ideal workplace. Planned, implemented, and delivered. Down to a science. Our proven Activation Process leverages our specialized Insight and Implementation Teams that are at the foundation of our organizational structure. We provide expertise and guidance through three critical stages:

   1 TRANSLATE – workplace innovations, new ideas, and research into potential solutions
   2 CURATE – best solutions into decisions
   3 ACTIVATE – approved decisions into physical reality and efficient completion

Living in the Era of Ideas, the needs of the workplace has changed vastly. To maximize the engagement of people in the workplace, and to leverage the best ideas from our teams, we need a workplace that elevates the people within it and that serves a wide variety of needs. In response, we have one question: ARE YOU ACTIVATED?

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