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Why did you change your name? What is the significance?
Names must convey value to both existing customers and customers who have yet to do business with us. A great name can also build synergy with the company to deliver better outcomes. We changed our name for both of these reasons.

BiNW’s brand is solid and strong, why the name change?
Business Interiors Northwest described our business best when we saw ourselves as an office furniture dealer that only served local customers. We believe Catalyst Workplace Activation contributes to our customers having the most engaging places to work nationally and globally, not just in the NW.

How will this affect how we do business with you?
We are now “doing business as” Catalyst Workplace Activation while retaining our legal corporate name of Business Interiors Northwest, Inc.

Did you get bought? Is the structure/leadership going to change? Will the people I contact change?
No, we retain the same owners, shareholders and leadership structure.

Did the company merge with another company?

Can we still call you BiNW?
Of course, we realize this change will take time, and we’re hoping you’ll adopt the new name when it feels right.

How are you different from BiNW?
In name only. We’ve been working in a new way for over a year now, so the way you work with us will not change at all.

What is workplace activation?
It’s a proven circular process that involves translating ideas, curating solutions to make decisions and orchestrating our clients’ spaces into a physical reality. We accelerate the transformation of workplaces into the most engaging places to work.

Are there other companies with the name Catalyst?
Yes, there are many companies in the Seattle area with Catalyst in their name. We however are Catalyst Workplace Activation. The name Catalyst alone does not describe what we do.

Will your e-mail address change?
Yes, the first part will remain the same, but the second part will be Our old BiNW emails will be automatically forwarded to our new email address.

Do we need a new W-9 form? Will billing change in any way?
No, our legal entity name of Business Interiors Northwest, Inc. is not changing.

Who do I write my check to?
Checks should be made payable to Catalyst Workplace Activation. We’ll also continue to accept checks made payable to BiNW or Business Interiors Northwest, Inc.

Is the company in financial trouble?
The company continues to grow and is very well capitalized.

Will products and services remain the same?

What other changes are taking place in the company?
We are refreshing our Tukwila and Tacoma offices to represent the new brand and embody the living office that we live and work in every day.

Are you moving locations?
No, we have however recently opened a new location in Downtown Seattle. This location is an idea generation space which is constantly evolving to show the current trends and innovations.

Will my experience be the same?

Will your phone numbers be the same?

Will the change affect existing contracts/terms?

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