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Six Vital Characteristics Of The Most Productive Workplaces: No.3

Six Vital Characteristics of the Most Productive Workplaces: No.3

Research and analysis are ongoing; Herman Miller has identified several significant patterns in the way organizations and their design partners are using space to support new ways of working. Based on observation and study of the evolving workplace, Herman Miller’s Living Office provides a basis of understanding and a framework for adapting needs for effective use of space.

After years of study, Herman Miller has gathered more than 70 distinct data points from 120 different floor plans. These plans represent organizations across a variety of industries.  This research has yielded six significant trends in successful workplaces.

This is the third: From Assigned Seats to Shared Workpoints

The work environments of leading-edge companies are evolving from individually assigned “workstations” to providing a variety of shared “workpoints” individuals can use to accomplish the different activities that comprise work today.

Studies show that assigned seats sit empty 60% of the time. In progressive office layouts, these dedicated spaces are fewer and smaller. In many cases the total number of usable square feet per person remains the same, meaning this space is being changed to collaborative and amenity space to better align work styles with the workplace to enhance productivity.

Workpoint sharing succeeds only as part of an overall design strategy focused on making it easy for people to personalize their own work experience day-to-day. People feel respected by an organization that values their judgment and contributions by providing options for where and how different tasks may be accomplished.

The nature of work has changed. To provide a platform for the best work and results, the places we work, learn, heal, and collaborate must evolve as well. Speak to a workplace specialist by clicking here. Read the full Herman Miller white paper Measure What Matters here.

Six Vital Characteristics of the Most Productive Workplaces; (condensed from Herman Miller’s white paper Measure What Matters); THREE of SIX

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