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With a quick low-cost fix, this leading grocery store maintained functionality and flexibility in their office's collaborative and meeting spaces

Overall product & services needed to complete - Low

Workstations with circles denoting 6ft distancing guidelines.

Collaborative Space

What Changed & Why It Works

  • They rearranged their sofas to meet social distancing guidelines.
  • Removed and stored unnecessary items such as pillows and accessories to reduce the number of surfaces that could be touched and or needed additional cleaning.
  • Don't sacrifice functionality and flexibility. This client's solution allows for two collaborative spaces for smaller groups or one space for larger groups just by moving space division.

Other Solutions to Consider

  • Add individual lounge chairs for a solution to substitute the multi-seat sofa.
  • To add another layer of protection, consider using bleach-cleanable fabrics, and textiles on your furniture. Believe us when we say, there are tons of bleach-cleanable fabrics available.
  • Plants and biophilia are important elements of a workplace as they improve overall employee well-being, productivity, and mood.
  • For a more flexible space division option consider the new M923 modular panel system from Maars Walls. This simple-to-use, hackable product is designed for workers to create their own privacy in open-office structures and personalize their own workplaces.

Products Featured

Symbol Modular Lounge, Lasso Ottoman, Eames Plywood Dining Chair, Plex Tables, Eames Tables, Canvas Group-Based Dividers

Meeting Room

What Changed & Why It Works

  • Our team helped this client by reducing the overall capacity in the room to ensure each employee can maintain a safe 6-foot distance.
  • Removed furniture was taken and is now stored in our warehouse facility until there is a need for the client to increase capacity.
  • Meeting room signage and scheduling technology were updated to reflect the new capacity numbers and communicate to employees when the rooms are dirty, clean, booked, etc.

Other Solutions to Consider

  • Consider implementing room scheduling software into your return-to-workplace strategy. This technology can make maintaining the health and safety of your employees much easier.
  • Robin, a conference room scheduling and desk reservation company, allows you to communicate with employees easily, what room/desks are dirty or occupied, and what rooms/desks are sanitized, clean, open, and ready to use.
  • For times when employees need to take private calls, phone booths make it easy for people to do so. A regular cleaning schedule between users will be necessary or place a sanitation station nearby if a regular cleaning schedule is not practical.

Products Featured

Headway Table, Exclave Media, Setu Stools, Eames Plastic Stools, Everywhere Tables, Robin Scheduling Software

We have created a My Resource Library board which highlights all the bleach-cleanable fabrics that you can specify (there are hundreds to choose from). Take a look here.

*Screens will not stop cough/sneeze particles from spreading, we caution against using them as your only solution against COVID-19 and recommend a broader strategy combining multiple solutions.

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