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Unassigned Workstations

This local university relies heavily on unassigned workstations for its students. By looking from the student's perspective, this team developed a thoughtful solution that focused on cleanliness and user-experience

Overall product & services needed to complete - Medium

Workstations with circles denoting 6ft distancing guidelines.

What Changed & Why It Works

  • Change workstation finishes to a bright white so dirt and grime will stand out more. The bright white surface encourages end-users to clean their work area more often.
  • The Cosm chair was added to the workstations. Designed specifically around an automatic user-adjustment, the Cosm was a smart choice for reducing the items that needed to be touched.
  • Instead of increasing the height of walls, our design team suggested the client add glass stackers to provide an additional barrier while still creating a sense of openness for the end-user/student.
  • Added Ubi work tools for personal belongings and organization, non-cluttered worksurfaces mean less to clean.
  • Added sanitation stations to give employees quick access to cleaning supplies to use throughout the day.

Other Solutions to Consider

  • If organization and open storage accessories don't work due to limited space or a small workstation typical footprint, sanitation stations ensure your employees have all the resources needed to stay healthy.
  • For free address or unassigned hoteling work areas that use one large table, consider laminate modesty screens to keep the division between users.*
  • To reduce the number of adjustment surfaces to clean, the Cosm chair was designed specifically around an automatic user-adjustment. As a bonus, it also won the Best of NeoCon Gold Award for “Ergonomic Seating.” Its sophisticated ergonomic design instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture to provide natural balance and total support.

Products Featured

Canvas Wall-Based System, Tu Storage, Sayl Task Seating, Cosm Task Seating, Ubi Work Tools

We have created a My Resource Library board which highlights all the bleach-cleanable fabrics that you can specify (there are hundreds to choose from). Take a look here.

*Screens will not stop cough/sneeze particles from spreading, we caution against using them as your only solution against COVID-19 and recommend a broader strategy combining multiple solutions.

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