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This simple low-cost trick used by a local transportation company turned a pre-COVID-19 workstation typical into a solution that works

Overall product & services needed to complete - Low

Workstations with circles denoting 6ft distancing guidelines.

What Changed & Why It Works

  • This client's four-pack workstation typical was able to meet health & safety guidelines with a simple orientation reconfigure to ensure users/employees were not facing each other.
  • Canvas Vista is a system of desks with a clever design that trims the size of workstations, freeing up space for more people or diverse settings. By using every square inch smartly, it provides compression without compromise.

Other Solutions to Consider

  • If organization and open storage accessories don't work due to limited space or a small workstation typical footprint, sanitation stations ensure your employees have all the resources needed to stay healthy.

Products Featured

Canvas Vista System, Sayl Task Chairs, Pari Screens

We have created a My Resource Library board which highlights all the bleach-cleanable fabrics that you can specify (there are hundreds to choose from). Take a look here.

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