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Reception & Entryway

This medical research institute's solution shows why safety starts the moment your employees enter the office and how to achieve it

Overall product & services needed to complete - Low

Workstations with circles denoting 6ft distancing guidelines.

What Changed & Why It Works

  • Reconfigured the entryway by removing and storing extra furniture to help employees maintain health & safety protocols and reduce the risk of virus spread within the office.
  • A custom Plexy screen provided by one of our vendors was added to the reception desk.*
  • A sanitation station at the entrance ensures employees enter the office with disinfected hands and masks in place.
  • If granted access, employees are required to put their belongings and personal items in lockers to reduce the overall spread of germs from items.

Other Solutions to Consider

  • Temperature reading technology makes it very clear whether you can enter or not and help them to maintain a safe office. Let us know if you'd this technology or product like this in your office.
  • For a more flexible space division option consider the new M923 modular panel system from Maars Walls. This simple-to-use, hackable product is designed for workers to create their own privacy in open-office structures and personalize their own workplaces.

Products Featured

Canvas Wall Based System, OFS Mile Marker Lockers, Plex Lounge Seating, Compass Sanitation Station

We have created a My Resource Library board which highlights all the bleach-cleanable fabrics that you can specify (there are hundreds to choose from). Take a look here.

*Screens will not stop cough/sneeze particles from spreading, we caution against using them as your only solution against COVID-19 and recommend a broader strategy combining multiple solutions.

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