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Catalyst Loft 3.0 – The Future Of Work Exhibition

Catalyst Loft 3.0 – The Future of Work Exhibition

The Intersection of People, Place and Technology

On February 1, 2018, Catalyst introduced Loft version 3.0, The Future of Work: intersection of People, Place and Technology. Join Catalyst Workplace Activation to unlock the untapped opportunities within your organization and learn how to be a leader in the Future of Work. Our partners in this exhibition include:

Marigold Associates: experts in the dynamics of People, work culture and the creation of Work Ecosystems.

Herman Miller: experts in Work Place and inspiring designs to help people do great things.

Sirqul: experts in Smart Building Technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) for the workplace.

For more information on our partners see below.

The Future of Work Exhibition was developed to illustrate the radical ways work has changed over the last 100 years. Many significant influences have fueled this revolution. Technological advances that have made it possible to work from anywhere, and a massive generational shift is underway.

The most notable change may be the transition from the information age into the new knowledge economy. In this new economy, the very purpose of work evolved from making things and sharing information, to collaboration and idea generation. This paradigm shift overwhelmed many business leaders who are trying to comprehend why their old business models, hierarchical organizational structures and static workplaces are so ineffective. The new knowledge economy requires an innovative approach and new tools for developing and managing human-centered work ecosystems.

On the Future of Work Exhibition tour, participants will engage in many interactive experiences including the following exhibits: Smart Buildings and The Internet of Things at Work, Integrating Augmented Reality in the Workplace, Virtual Reality Living Office Experience, as well as Cloud Based Collaboration Technology Tools & Facilities Management Technology Tools.

The Future of Work Exhibition will also feature a monthly Thought Leadership Luncheon on the Third Wednesday of every month, see our upcoming luncheons here.

Partners in our exhibit include:

 Herman Miller

As a problem-solving, research based furniture manufacturer, Herman Miller is a recognized innovator in contemporary interior furnishings in corporate, educational, and healthcare environments. Living Office, Herman Miller’s human-centered approach to problem-solving design, makes them an industry leader in delivering high-performing workplaces. Living Office produces an elevated experience of work for people and helps organizations achieve their strategic goals.

Marigold Associates

Marigold Associates partners with architectural firms and business leaders to design and develop effective workplace ecosystems. Marigold provides their partners with in-depth analysis of employee engagement, culture health, workplace functionality and business objectives. The team of a sociologist and work psychologist, Marigold helps organizations thrive with their rich combined experience.


Leveraging technology to process data on how people work, communicate and engage with one another, it is increasingly evident that the design of spaces is an enabler to meaningful interactions and fosters a sense of community and culture. Sirqul’s onsite and cloud solutions enable smart devices to not only track intent, movement, dwell times, space utilization, and interactions, but also act by adjusting temperatures, reserving conference rooms, ordering food, making recommendations, providing a digital concierge service, checking-in guests, and more.

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