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Change is constant. Embracing it can be easier than you think. At Catalyst Workplace Activation, we ignite smarter and more agile ways to work by offering the most comprehensive range of prefabricated interior construction to fit any architectural, acoustic, timeline, and budgetary needs you may have. Maars Living Walls and Environamics are the leaders in sound privacy, aesthetics, modularity, and customization. At Catalyst, we activate smarter ways to adapt to workplace change.


Jennifer Wasiczko

Jenn started at Catalyst in 2013 and has become an irreplaceable member of the team ever since. She brings 25 years of experience in project management, real estate, and construction. Skilled at executing large, complex, and phased projects, no client or project is too much for her to handle. Jenn oversees and leads our Architectural Products team, with an emphasis on adhering to budget, meeting or beating schedule, and lavish communication between all parties.

Peter Handford

As Manager of Architectural Walls, Peter brings 30 years of experience in the construction industry, including the last nine years in the installation and management of architectural wall projects. He oversees our internal architectural walls implementation team from the design phase through installation to ensure total project success for our customers.

Dillon Mariani

With over 13 years in the Design industry, Dillon’s skills and experience make him an invaluable asset to our team and company. As the Senior Designer of the Architectural Walls Team, he works closely with a wide variety of clients to translate their creative visions into projects that install efficiently and within budget.

Casey Cheslak

With 20 years of construction experience, Casey is responsible for the successful and accurate planning, executing, monitoring and coordinating, and closing of details and tasks that go into delivering a quality walls project. He is an active team member during all phases of the project and provides clear and timely communication, coordinating critical details with appropriate subcontractors, and thorough post-project follow-up and assistance.

Ryan Buchanan

As Supervisor of the Walls Installation Team Ryan brings 20 years of industry experience to support all aspects installation services including Labor estimates, Site coordination, planning and installation of walls products. Ryan is dedicated to providing a professional stress-free installation experience.

“Ryan Buchanan and his crew took the extra site walk to measure the new drywall to ensure the future fit of the full height wall starts and panels. Even though the GC had nailed the drywall dimensions to a T, it was an extra step on Catalyst's part to ensure the quality and success of the project. Much appreciated on my end!”
Global Online Retailer Liz Wienke | Project Manager

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