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Change is constant. Embracing it can be easier than you think. At Catalyst Workplace Activation, we ignite smarter and more agile ways to work by offering the most comprehensive range of prefabricated interior construction to fit any architectural, acoustic, timeline, and budgetary needs you may have. Maars Living Walls and Environamics are the leaders in sound privacy, aesthetics, modularity, and customization. At Catalyst, we activate smarter ways to adapt to workplace change.


Jenn Wasiczko 2

Jennifer Wasiczko

Jeaneen Guerrero

Jeaneen Guerrero

Peter Handford 2

Peter Handford

Dillon Mariani

Dillon Mariani

Ryan Buchanan 2

Ryan Buchanan

Lilly Mendoza NP

Lilly Mendoza

“Ryan Buchanan and his crew took the extra site walk to measure the new drywall to ensure the future fit of the full height wall starts and panels. Even though the GC had nailed the drywall dimensions to a T, it was an extra step on Catalyst's part to ensure the quality and success of the project. Much appreciated on my end!”
Global Online Retailer Liz Wienke | Project Manager

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