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Product Spotlight

M923. The Most Flexible and Sustainable Room Divider on the Market

Developed in partnership with Gensler, the new M923. modular panel system by Maars Walls is the sustainable solution for space division in the office. This truly customizable and reusable product allows you and your employees to create barriers, privacy, and so much more.

M923 Freestanding 6

M923. The wall is yours

If there's something that people want today, it's individuality and immediacy – for example, the opportunity to watch TV shows or movies, on-demand. People look for the same dynamic flexibility in their work – from flexible work hours to the ability to work from home or the office. And when at work, people want to create individual privacy in the open-office, and they want to personalize their workplaces. These thoughts formed the basis of the M923. modular panel system.

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Product Features and Benefits

  • Designed for an ergonomic workplace
  • Creates privacy and space delineation
  • Durable and environmentally friendly
  • Adjust the appearance of a room quickly and inexpensively
  • Easy to adjust, move, and customize
  • Quickly change the design with the easily clipped-in panels
  • Panels come in all colors and finishes/materials. Click here to view finishes >
  • Customize to your desired layout and height
  • Available in straight, L, and T profiles
  • Fasten and install without drilling
  • Wheels and feet available for a more mobile configuration
  • For offices, schools, flexible workplaces, and restaurants

The M923. System Offers Unique Possibilities

Download the M923. App to Visualize in Your Office!

Explore the possibilities of M923., place a wall in your space, adjust the size, finishes, placement, and more.

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Need a room divider that will last beyond COVID?

Contact us and our walls team will help you find the right solution to create barriers and privacy in your office.

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