Explorer Chair for Kids

Alumni Educational Solutions

The Alumni Explorer 4-Leg Stacking Chair is developed for use in any learning environment whether your child is learning at home virtually or in the classroom. It can stack eight chairs high freestanding, locking into one another for stability.

We have an obligation to be the teacher’s assistant, the architect’s inspiration, and to support students in their learning environments.

Our primary goal is to inspire creative thought and create innovative classroom environments that allow adaptability to the ever-changing ways of learning and give students the opportunity to excel. Through industry experience, product advantages, design expertise, customer understanding, service feedback, and contemporary research Alumni provides the solutions required to eliminate learning barriers that students and teachers are challenged by in the modern classroom environment.

The best way to assist the teacher is to design flexibility into the classroom. Education is moving at light speed and the ability to adapt learning environments at the same pace is critical to allow educators to leave no child behind.

We want to see that each student is given the opportunity to advance and take advantage of the newest teaching methods.

All our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured to strict standards for quality, that are inspected numerous times during the manufacturing process; including a final inspection prior to packaging for shipment.

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