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M923. - Flexible and Sustainable Space Division

Maars Living Walls

Designed in collaboration with Gensler, this simple-to-use, customizable product is designed for workers to create privacy in open-office structures and personalize their workplaces. M923. is a modular panel system that is flexible and versatile. The concept combines modern wall decoration, functional office furniture, and movable walls.

The panels are available in different colors and materials (including moss, cork, absorption panels, marker boards, and textiles). Users can easily change the panels and design the wall themselves. Because the panels are easy to change, it’s possible to adjust the room's appearance very quickly and inexpensively.

Limited product stocked in the US.

Thanks to its deep partnership with leading designers and commitment to sustainability, Maars Living Walls has become a leading global designer and maker of interior walls and partitions. The company was founded in 1946 and is based in Harderwijk, the Netherlands. About Maars Living Walls