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Six Vital Characteristics Of The Most Productive Workplaces: No.4

Six Vital Characteristics of the Most Productive Workplaces: No.4

Research and analysis are ongoing; Herman Miller has identified several significant patterns in the way organizations and their design partners are using space to support new ways of working. Based on observation and study of the evolving workplace, Herman Miller’s Living Office provides a basis of understanding and a framework for adapting needs for effective use of space.

After years of study, Herman Miller has gathered more than 70 distinct data points from 120 different floor plans. These plans represent organizations across a variety of industries.  This research has yielded six significant trends in successful workplaces.

This is the fourth: From Privacy-as-a-Luxury to Privacy-on-Demand

In recent years, we’ve measured increases in the amount of space dedicated to “privacy on demand.” Small, enclosed settings that protect from distractions making it easy for people in these otherwise open and collaborative environments to make phone calls or perform work activities that require focus and concentration.

Studies find assigned private offices unoccupied 77% of the workday, on average. Forward-looking organizations are reclaiming this wasted space and redistributing it in the form of open-access (Haven) settings that provide distraction-free zones where individuals can accomplish the quiet solo tasks, preparing them to be effective in group work activities.

The nature of work has changed. To provide a platform for the best work and results, the places we work, learn, heal, and collaborate must evolve as well. Speak to a workplace specialist by clicking here. Read the full Herman Miller white paper Measure What Matters here.

Six Vital Characteristics of the Most Productive Workplaces; (condensed from Herman Miller’s white paper Measure What Matters); FOUR of SIX

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