Unparalleled Flexibility, Fast

Falkbuilt operable walls create versatile and adaptable spaces at the speed of light.

Unparalleled Flexibility, Fast

Falkbuilt operable walls create versatile and adaptable spaces at the speed of light.

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Collaborative spaces require flexibility

It’s a key component in helping teams come together or divide and conquer. From hospitals to law firms and everything in between, versatile spaces should adapt to meet the needs of teams, large and small.

Falkbuilt operable walls deliver unparalleled flexibility in dividing or opening up spaces for collaboration. A commitment to quality ensures a precision-engineered, perfect fit, and high-performance acoustic seals create truly divided spaces. Available as glazed or solid, the wide range of finish options—from the durability and color-matching potential of DuraFalk to the textures and patterns of Falkskin—make any operable wall into a showstopper.

It wouldn’t be Falkbuilt if it wasn’t fast. Operable walls arrive onsite in as little as 10 weeks—the fastest lead time in the industry. What’s more, installation is quick and clean, as the industry has come to expect from the technology-driven approach of Digital Component Construction.

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Endless options and configurations

The Alma and Aqua solutions’ semi-automatic seals extend with the turn of a key and provide more flexibility at the floor and ceiling to prevent costly changes. The Wave solution’s floor-mounted configuration can bring operable walls to any space imaginable by forgoing the need for an overhead structure. From independent panels to continuously hinged walls, there’s a configuration that’s right for every space—and with STC ratings between 35-50, there’s an operable wall for every level of required privacy.

“There really is a wow factor for our clients. Operable walls help them to easily accommodate different sized groups, and they perform great acoustically when hosting public events,”
says Anathea Fenton, Falkbuilt Halifax principal.

With five operable walls completed to date, Falkbuilt Halifax has delivered on showing the limitless design potential of operable walls and the ability to adapt to the needs of any space. From the ground up, Branches like Falkbuilt Halifax are there every step of the way to provide design support and expertise, onsite coordination and installation, and the superior service required to overcome all challenges along the way.

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