MultiCare - Advanced Primary Care

The MultiCare Advanced Primary Care Clinic, a pioneering facility for patients with multiple chronic conditions, is meticulously designed to enhance patient care. The welcoming lounge and registration areas provide a supportive first point of contact for patients. The clinic features dedicated exam rooms and behavioral health rooms, ensuring privacy and specialized care. Community spaces and patient education areas foster a collaborative environment for patients to learn about managing their conditions.

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The clinic's layout promotes efficient workflows with strategically placed staff work rooms, team rooms, and lounges, supporting staff well-being and collaboration. Telehealth facilities are included to offer remote consultations, expanding access to care. Additional features such as storage areas, admin offices, and a locker room ensure that both staff and patients have the necessary resources for an optimal healthcare experience. MultiCare's thoughtful design underscores its commitment to comprehensive, patient-centered care, enhancing the quality of life for those with chronic health conditions.

Sub-Vertical Market: Health System

Spokane, WA

Design Firm:

Types of Spaces:
Patient Education, Lounge, Registration, Community Space, Storage Area, Telehealth, Staff Work Rooms, Staff Team Rooms, Staff Respite, Staff Lounge, Behavioral Health Rooms, Admin Offices, Locker Room, Soil Room, Exam Rooms

Manufacturers Specified:
Carolina, Great Openings, Herman Miller, Knoll, HAT, Kwalu, Mity-Lite, National Office Furniture, Office Master, Special T, Watson, and West Elm.

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