Making a purchase of any kind, whether you're purchasing a single chair or you're outfitting your entire 7-story office building, is a big deal. No matter the size, product type, timeline or budget, we've been empowering our customers to make the best purchase decisions that work for them, and we've been doing this happily for over 30 years. We can help you streamline the specification and ordering of your furnishings, help you reduce costs, and get you your product when you need it.

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We sell and represent more than 200 manufacturers with a wide selection of furniture, walls, flooring, lighting, and accessories to choose from.

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SAP Ariba Compatibility

Catalyst can also work directly with Ariba, a robust and widely-used digital ordering system that allows you to share order information seamlessly. The Ariba software enables you to quickly, accurately, and easily purchase products for all your locations, track your orders, and communicate your needs to us. Ariba also allows you to display your specific furniture standards, pricing, and preferences for services such as space planning and design, delivery, and installation.

“Working with Catalyst was great. We had an awesome team that was very thorough and knowledgeable about the products, kept us within budget, and delivered the furniture on time.”
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We have what you need to meet your budget and timeline goals. Check out a list of our top selling products by type and manufacturer.

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