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As a leading full-service workplace consulting company, Catalyst has been helping businesses, hospitals, schools, and government facilities in the greater Seattle area and Washington state create environments that ignite smarter work and help their people thrive for years to come

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Ignite smarter work
In organizations, change can be exciting. It can also be a time of uncertainty and stress. We’re here to help. At Catalyst Workplace Activation, we are change agents for your smarter workplace environment. Count on us to deliver dynamic ideas, a streamlined process, quality products, and ongoing support. Working with dedication, insight, and precision, we translate your needs, curate the best options, and activate positive workplace change beyond what you ever imagined.

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Jumpstart learning
Learning starts with a spark. A smarter environment supports better teaching and learning and nurtures opportunities to engage. That’s why Catalyst Workplace Activation is committed to developing with you, from elementary school through higher education. As a force for dynamic ideas, we work with you to activate quality learning and administrative environments that are flexible, durable, and look great. Let us spark what’s possible. Together, we can empower today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders.

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Inspire healing
Nothing matters more than healing. Not to patients, to practitioners, or to us. Count on Catalyst Workplace Activation to create a healing environment that’s flexible, adaptable, and comfortable. Our deep expertise in healthcare furnishings and design, combined with our nimble approach, dependable service, and quality products, activate smarter ways to foster healing.

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Spark what's next
Government facilities are now designed to attract and retain the most talented public service employees. Catalyst Workplace Activation has over 40 years of expertise in transforming government spaces into the most engaging places for people to work while navigating government contracts. Our government team anticipates the needs of the future while focusing on best value determination for diverse applications. We understand the importance of non-obsolescence policies, environmental advocacy, great service, and the best price. With MillerKnoll’s 12-year warranty, you can be sure of the long-term performance of your solutions. Our documented record guarantees on-time, on-budget, error-free, and streamlined performance. We deliver choice, quality, value, and ease of procurement.

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Elevate the Experience
In the world of hospitality, every detail matters in creating unforgettable experiences. At Catalyst, we specialize in elevating your establishment to new heights, ensuring each guest interaction is infused with comfort, style, and seamless functionality. Whether it's an amenity space or a sporting arena, our team is dedicated to igniting hospitality environments that captivate and inspire. With our curated selection of high-quality furnishings, innovative designs, and personalized service, let us spark what's next in hospitality and elevate the experience for all.

“The great team provided exemplary customer focus and support. Great communication. Excellent team, that went above and beyond to ensure client got exactly what they wanted. Communication was great. Overall a fantastic experience. Thanks to your team for your great efforts. You were a significant contributor to the success of this wonderful project.”
“Flexibility and Reliable. Very nice staff on the phone, overall great service.”
“The communication has been great and working with the PMs. They are very knowledgeable and willing to help and go above and beyond when needed.”
Cumming Corporation Daniel Maxwell | Project Manager
“Overall I really had a pretty amazing experience. I have never worked with Catalyst before, but they treated me like I was a regular and great customer. The service and overall experience were extremely good! Thank you!”
Lizal Inc Coleen Wright

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