Modular Walls

McKinstry Irvin

Located in the heart of the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle long before co-working became a known entity, McKinstry worked with NBBJ to create a state of the art Innovation Center.


The Innovation Center was built to foster and bring together new and emerging companies that would lead in innovative products and services. NBBJ and McKinstry chose Environmacs for the future flexibility of a movable wall that had the look of a traditional storefront. Enviornamics customized elevations made it easy for NBBJ to blend design elements such as the garage doors on lab spaces.

Sub-Vertical Market: Corporate

Location: Seattle, WA

Design Firm: NBBJ

General Contractor: McKinstry Construction

Types of Spaces: Meeting/ Conference Rooms, Common Areas, Collaborative Areas

Manufacturers Specified: Environamics

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