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Design Services

Planning and designing your workspace is a team effort that takes creativity, attention to detail, and a thorough understanding of your needs.

Planning Your Space

Leading with innovation and dedication, we work closely with all stakeholders to translate your space planning needs, curate the best options, and activate positive workplace change together.

It’s Starts with Translating…

Our expert design team takes a human-centered approach to gain a deep understanding of your goals, needs, and requirements. From there, we translate these findings into space planning, design recommendations, and furniture specifications that meet your project goals and budgetary requirements. This approach is how we sustain the highest ratings of customer satisfaction, repeat customers, and referrals amongst our clients.

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Bringing Your Space to Life

People have spent the last few years working from home, but what happens when they come back to the office and it feels sterile and dead? That’s why we started Cur+ate by Catalyst. It’s a service that provides the group spaces and those unique finishing touches to help elevate your space and draw people in.

Let our specialized Catalyst team curate the ancillary furniture, accessories, artwork, and lighting that will bring your space to life.

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An Introduction to Our Cura+e Service

Digital Design Tools


Your project has a tight timeline. Our suite of proprietary digital tools allows us to advance project efficiency, streamline complexity, and drive innovation. From visualization and conceptualization through installation, we can help complete your project quicker and with more accuracy than ever before.

Tools at your disposal:

  • AI tools to create floorplans in hours instead of days.
  • Custom Project Portals to approve options and renderings, as well as collaborate with your designer and salesperson.
  • “Live Design” tools, so you and your designer can work in real-time to generate options quickly.

Need more than Space Planning & Design?

From ideation to furniture installation to ongoing support, we offer a multitude of services to meet your needs.

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