2020 TLL Planning Workshop Results

The mission of Catalyst Thought leadership is to spark what's next. We host opportunities to share expert insights and activate new ways to think, work, and care. To keep that mission alive, we put on a workshop to plan future Thought Leadership topics. We asked industry professionals and subject matter experts what subjects matter most to them. Here is what they had to say.

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Thank you to all who had a chance to participate in our first-ever Thought Leadership Planning Workshop. Attendees were divided into three professional groups: Real Estate & Facilities, Architecture & Design, and Other Industry Professionals.

Each attendee was able to vote on their top six workplace topics that fell under four main themes: Technology, People, Sustainability, and Operations.

Total Votes by Theme

Workshop Topics


  • Digital Transformation
  • Technology Tools
  • Space Utilization


  • Employee/Client Experience
  • Remote Work
  • Health and WellnessOperations


  • Climate Change - Themes/ Science/ SGDs
  • Resilience
  • Material Selection Options


  • Flexibility
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning
  • Real Estate
  • Finance 101 -Tax Depreciation, ROIs, Capital Projects

Top 5 Topics

Top Topics by Group

Real Estate and Facilities

Architecture and Design

Other Industry Professionals

Comments by Topic

Space Utilization

  • How to determine the right ratio of choice/agile environments vs. headcount needs
  • How to determine what people like and what they gravitate to
  • Workstation size and proximity for leadership. Space underutilized

Employee/Client Experience

  • User work areas
  • Flexible work areas for learning and teaching
  • Change and communication: "Sharing what is new"
  • Supporting work styles with standards
  • Ownership of space: Making a "We" vs. a "Me" space
  • Adapting to change. Old vs. new mindset
  • Finding solutions to compromise and adapt to change

Remote Work

  • How to make remote vs. in-person conferences successful

Technology Tools

  • AR/VR as a tool and not just a gimmick

Health and Wellness

  • Celebrating & introducing wellness into an office environment
  • Working ergonomic furnishings into current spaces
  • How do agile environments stay healthy/clean?

Climate Change - Themes/Science/SGDs

  • Embodied vs. Operational Carbon

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