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Working From Home - Catalyst Employee Tips

What we're doing to stay productive while working from home.

Cindy Chesbro 1

Victoria Sorenson
Senior Designer
"I keep my door closed so I am not too distracted with what is going on in the house."

Jeff Magnusson
Healthcare Account Manager
"Communicate status to all who need to know. Have the proper technology at home, printer, etc.. Keep distractions to a minimum and add a sit to stand desk for the best at home ergonomics."

Carolina Hileman
Education Sales Consultant
Having a dedicated space to work at home makes all the difference. I also keep an orchid and a lavender scent mist on my desk and have my desk looking outside."

Pam Sproul
Government & Strategic Account Lead
"Try to take a shower before jumping on conference calls, it makes a big difference in how you feel. Create a to-do list; checking things off feels great."

Collin Gee

Sales Consultant
"Postural variation – change where I’m working. Desk, standing at the kitchen bar, sitting at the kitchen table, etc., change of scenery, noise-canceling headphones if you have children, pets, or roommates, and strong will power to stay out of the pantry and not snack all day as I do. Also, grab a second monitor if you can!"

Mara Browne
Project Manager
"I’ve been trying to take a walk every day just to make sure I’m getting some fresh air and a change of scenery!

Desiree Bush
Project Designer, LEED AP
To help stay connected and engaged, I set up Skype meetings with teammates to discuss projects, timelines, or questions I may have as I’m working through my scope of work. My cell phone per usual is by my side to take calls and answer texts."

Penny Reagin
Director of Customer Support
I like to listen to the radio throughout the day to keep me company. The radio is essential! I also like getting outside. It is vital to my productivity to step away from the computer, let my brain rest, and get the blood pumping!"

Cindy Chesbro
Marketing Manager
"I love using my breaks in the workday to get some things done around the house. Fold some laundry, food prep for dinner, vacuum, etc. This helps me feel even more productive than I would simply be taking a short break at work and leaves me with more free time at the end of the day to unwind."

Mathew Marshall
Customer Support Manager

"I try to get up at the same time I would if I were coming to the office, and then with the extra time I have, I’ll read or do something I love to get my head in a good place. I need to keep distractions to a minimum to stay productive, so I’m not letting the TV play in the background. If you have meetings and live with others, be sure to communicate your schedule to everyone, so they don’t interfere with your conferences. Grabbing a coffee is also an excellent mid-day refresher."

Conner McKinley
Account Manager
"If possible, position your workspace near a window – light coming in helps with staying alert. If you don’t need to be in front of a computer during a conference call, use this opportunity to walk around, maybe even outside when you are on the call."

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