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When to Rent, Buy, or Finance Your Office Furniture - A Guide

A straightforward guide to help you decide whether to rent, buy, or finance your office furniture. Whether you need an office chair for your home or to furnish an entire campus, read on to determine exactly what option is right for you.

Successful investing means knowing when to buy and sell, and when to rent.

- Warren Buffet, Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway

When Should I Rent?

Whether your needs are defined by time, money, resources, or driven by the goal to be agile, renting is a great option to consider. Catalyst has partnered with CORT, the global leader in furniture rentals, to offer you the very best and most comprehensive range of rental office furniture on that market. We offer home office furniture rentals, corporate and healthcare furniture rentals, and add-on rentals for COVID-19 temporary redesign.

Renting gives you flexibility with the freedom to change your mind. Whether you need something for two months or two years, our rental terms are flexible and made to work for you.

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  • You are strapped for time, money, or both.
  • You want the option to "return" a product if it no longer meets your needs.
  • You want the option to change your mind.
  • You want to make environmentally-friendly choices and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • You want or need more flexibility in your life or business.
  • You are focused on picking the right product solution and testing things out before investing.
  • Ownership is not your goal.

When Should I Buy?

  • You want to choose from the full gamut of products and furniture.
  • You don't want ongoing monthly costs.
  • If you're likely to damage your furniture, you want a warranty vs. paying for the damage on rentals.
  • You're staying put and have a solid plan for your life or business.

Purchasing furniture is the best choice when you have a long-term need or would like to buy products not available to rent. You can choose from the 200+ manufacturers we sell, including a wide selection of furniture, walls, flooring, lighting, and accessories. Driven by quality product meant to last, we are the only Certified Herman Miller furniture dealer in Washington and Alaska. No matter the size, product type, timeline, or budget, we've been empowering our customers to make the best purchase decisions that work for them, and we've been doing this happily for over 38 years.

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When Should I Finance?

  • You want to buy, but want customized payment structures with fixed monthly payments versus up front cost.
  • You want to conserve your cash but know you have long-term furniture needs.

Running a successful business requires capital to grow. We understand that your business can't take a back seat due to cash flow when you are ready to purchase office furniture. Click here to visit our financing page to learn more about how you can save on cash and grow your business with our simple, secure, and fast financing options.

Come to a decision?

Reach out to us to either take the next step if you've decided what's right or you can simply chat with us to determine what option is best for you.

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