Approach Table


Stay Flexible

Approach tables are multifunctional, modular, and adaptive tables for environments designed as multi‐purpose meeting spaces that accommodate migration from training space, to event place, to a formal meeting room.

Check Under the Hood

As functional as it is beautiful, Approach offers a hidden network of robust power and connection options. Ganging connectors located on all sides of the tabletop offer both rigidity in final configuration and leveling between tables. Flipping mechanisms are embedded into the surface for a clean and thoughtfully intentional appearance when the table is flipped up without minimizing accessibility for the user. Strategically positioned magnets keep power supply cables tucked and concealed.

Have it Your Way

No matter your meeting, no matter your mood, no matter your project, Approach can be moved and configured in a way that works for you. Instantly reconfigurable, Approach allows you to convert a multipurpose training room into a formal conference room (and back again!) in mere minutes.

Take Your Power with You

No matter your location, you can stay powered up and connected. Offering several brilliantly concealed power options, approach's flexibility doesn’t end with table configurations.

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