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Space Planning & Design

Planning and designing your workspace is a team effort that takes creativity, attention to detail, and a thorough knowledge of your interior space and work activities. That’s what Catalyst provides, ensuring high-quality products and services for all your locations. We've been igniting a new standard of commercial design since 1982.

Leading with innovation and working with dedication, we work closely with you and your team and the design firm to translate your space planning needs, curate the best options, and activate positive workplace change. Together, we create the change you never imagined possible.

Our Activation Process

  1. Translate
    We kick off by working with your design resources to begin in-depth research to identify your team's goals, issues, needs, and requirements. Building a strong understanding of your project and goals is critical in the beginning phases of any project. This understanding is how we sustain the highest ratings of customer satisfaction, repeat customers, and referrals amongst our clients.

  2. Curate
    After understanding your needs, we work with you to curate the best options for your project. We follow this by preparing a detailed design proposal that includes furniture selection and the other services required to get the job done. From there, we produce block diagrams of each floor and create preliminary space plans, typicals, and a product budget. We can also help you visualize your new workplace, including architectural features and products, using our planning and visualization tools. We also offer the latest 3D rendering and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies to help you visualize your space regardless of location or budget.

  3. Activate
    Once we agree on the project deliverables and deadlines, our implementation experts integrate the approved design solution and coordinate efficient delivery and installation. We always follow up with a close-out survey to ensure we have provided you with top-notch customer service.

Place is an organically evolving asset that can express organizational culture and provide individuals with a meaningful connection to work.

Most offices are out of sync with people, their work, and the tools they use. In the past, workplaces were outfitted with rows of standardized workstations to support repetitive process work, hierarchical management styles, and cumbersome, stationary technology. Today, work has become more creative, management styles more matrixed, and technology more mobile. The workplace, however, has not kept pace with change. This is where Living Office comes in.

Together, Herman Miller and Catalyst see the potential for a new kind of workplace that’s a powerful asset to organizations and their people. We propose a shift from standardized workplaces to diverse landscapes with settings designed to fulfill fundamental human needs and improve physical, social, and cognitive experiences. Living Office is a platform for increased productivity and effectiveness that offers a more human experience of interaction and creation.

Need more than Space Planning & Design?

From ideation to furniture installation to ongoing support, we offer a multitude of services to meet your needs.

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