Random II Pendant Light


Based on the original design of the Random Light, the Random II Pendant Light transmits a feeling of simplicity, softness, and a touch of magic in a contemporary style. It is formed from fiberglass soaked in epoxy resin that is randomly coiled around an inflatable mold, creating a magic translucent 3D fabric. The shade is a unified piece with a small opening at the top for access to the lamp. The exposed bulb provides ambient, direct illumination that is ideal for illuminating foyers, living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. The Button, now included on all Random II Pendant Lights, makes each uniquely designed and crafted Moooi piece identifiable using NFC-technology. This allows each piece to be identified by Moooi via technology, using a phone or a compatible device, and prove that the product is not a counterfeit item.

Founded by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers in 2001, Moooi is devoted to listening to designers and making their dreams take form. The result? A collection of lighting, furniture, and accessories that is playful, unique, and exquisitely daring. From bold patterns to oversized shapes to eclectic oddities, Moooi aims to inspire people to fall in love with their homes once again.
Design/Year: Bertjan Pot/2001
The round disc and metal rod are separated, making the installation process easierThe round disc is in a fixed position and engraved with the Moooi logoAn elongated metal rod keeps the bulb in place
Manufactured In: Netherlands
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