Changing of the Guard - Generational Shifts

18,000 Baby Boomers retire every day. This means 18,000 Millennials enter the American workforce daily. Currently, Millennials make up 30% of the workforce and by 2025 that number will grow to 75%.


Soon Millennials will be the leaders and decision-makers that guide businesses. Millennials have vastly different approaches to life, work and the role technology plays in one’s life. This generational transition is causing a culture clash that is already changing the way we work. Changing of the Guard – Generational Shifts will take this issue head-on, by uncovering and decoding many of the core issues behind this conflict. The featured speakers for this event are Richard Beaton, Ph.D. (Director of Work Sociology) and Linda Wagener, Ph.D. (Director of Work Psychology) from Marigold Associates

This event is 90-minutes in length and includes a meal, presentation, and a panel discussion. Please RSVP below, event is limited to 20 attendees. We look forward to seeing you.

Photography by Andrew Giammarco