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Here are just a few of the Interior Construction projects we’ve tackled. Each project had unique needs and challenges, but our in-house installation team was able to complete them all with precision and confidence.

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An international engineering firm with a deep belief in integrated design, Arup, had outgrown its office in Seattle after only three years.

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Building on the workplace strategy developed in partnership with, NBBJ, and leveraging the opportunity that comes with a new space, Arup, decided to leverage their next home to reinforce what matters to them: global knowledge delivered locally, great people, great culture, and creating the best places using the most innovative sustainable solutions.

Combining workplace strategy, a meaningful design concept, and the application of the WELL standard, NBBJ, and Arup, created a new space that will demonstrate the culture of the organization and its commitment to the work.

Vertical Market:

Seattle, WA

Design Firm:

General Contractor:
Howard S. Wright

Types of Spaces:
Meeting/ Conference Rooms, Focus Rooms, Private Offices

Products Specified:
Maars Living Walls, Horizon

T-Mobile, Building 4

T Mobile 39

Vertical Market: Telecommunications

Bellevue, WA

Types of Spaces:
Private Offices, Meeting/Conference Rooms, Lobby, Breakrooms, Common Areas

Products Specified:

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Located in the heart of the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, McKinstry worked with NBBJ to create a state-of-the-art Innovation Center.

Mc Kinstry 009
Symbio Walls

McKinstry built the Innovation Center to foster and bring together new and emerging companies that would lead innovative products and services. NBBJ and McKinstry chose Symbio for the future flexibility of a movable wall that had the look of a traditional storefront. Symbio customized elevations made it easy for NBBJ to blend design elements, such as the garage doors on lab spaces.

Vertical Market: Corporate

Location: Seattle, WA

Design Firm: NBBJ

General Contractor: McKinstry Construction

Types of Spaces: Meeting/ Conference Rooms, Common Areas, Collaborative Areas

Products Specified: Symbio

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Catalyst Loft

This living idea lab, located in the heart of Seattle, was designed as an extension of Catalyst's brand, a place of true innovation. The Catalyst Loft provided a stage for workplace innovation and a laboratory for showcasing new ideas about work. The Loft's purpose was to change our industry's conversations, ignite smarter ways to work, and, quite simply, spark what's next.

02 07 19 C Loft 0087

Vertical Market: Corporate

Location: Seattle, WA

Types of Spaces: Private Office, Conference Room, Storage Area

Products Specified: Horizon, and Symbio

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Northeastern University - Seattle Campus


This space boasts the most acoustically soundproof walls around, Maars Living Walls, offering students and administration alike the environment to stay focused and ready to learn.

Sub-Vertical Market:
Higher Education

Seattle, WA

Project Photography: © Benjamin Benschneider All Rights Reserved

Design Firm: Perkins + Will

General Contractor: Swinerton

Awards + Certifications: Targeting LEED Platinum certification

Types of Spaces: Classrooms, Meeting/ Conference Rooms, Common Areas, Collaborative Areas

Products Specified: Horizon

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“This was the 2nd round of work for the same client...The attention to detail and the installation was professionally performed. Continual updates were given and scheduled install dates were kept.”
Arup Pete Caley
“We had some unexpected construction delays that prevented installation being done as expected, the Catalyst team was very understanding and supportive and ensured that they stayed on top of communication over the time of the delay and worked with us once construction was completed. I appreciate never feeling rushed or pressured to have the install completed due to these unexpected delays.”
KBC Advisors Shaundy Munchin
“Ryan Buchanan and his crew took the extra site walk to measure the new drywall to ensure the future fit of the full height wall starts and panels. Even though the GC had nailed the drywall dimensions to a T, it was an extra step on Catalyst's part to ensure the quality and success of the project. Much appreciated on my end!”
Global Online Retailer Liz Wienke | Project Manager

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