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Rethinking Prefab Construction

Falkbuilt is revolutionizing prefabricated construction solutions, and Catalyst Con+struct is proud to be a part of it. By expediting project schedules, eliminating waste, and saving time and money, we can help you construct smarter spaces.

Why Choose Falkbuilt?

Falkbuilt goes up 30-50% faster than traditional construction, takes a quarter of the labor needed to install, and has 75% reduced freight cost and packaging compared to others. Once it’s onsite, there is zero waste to deal with. In addition, Falkbuilt products are warranted for 10 years, meaning your investment is protected.

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Eliminating Errors and Mitigating Risk

Falkbuilt is powered by Echo, a technology that generates precise engineering models in the cloud. This streamlined approach simplifies the entire process from design to manufacturing and installation. With Echo, stakeholders can collaborate within a cloud-based Revit model, enabling real-time modifications and ensuring the right information is easily accessible. Echo minimizes human errors and saves valuable time and money.

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Echo connects everyone and streamlines the process so you can minimize costly errors.

This is the Future of Construction

Falkbuilt specializes in manufacturing digital components in their factory and delivering them to site for quick and efficient installation. While following a similar construction process as traditional methods, Falkbuilt completes projects in a quarter of the time, with reduced labor requirements, and ensures virtually no waste on-site. You have to see it to believe it!

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Digital Component Construction vs Conventional Construction

Planning for an upcoming project? Have questions about product?

We offer an array of product lines to cover any project, performance, or architectural need. Connect with a team member for more information or to get started.

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