Technology Partners

Catalyst strategically partners and collaborates with world-class partners to deliver unmatched AV and workplace technology solutions to our clients.


Catalyst is a certified Poly collaboration partner. Poly is the leader in video, voice, and content solutions offering audio conferencing, headsets, desk phones, video conferencing, immersive video, and more.



Cisco is a leader in unified communications and collaboration solutions. Catalyst workplace strategy and Cisco video conferencing, end points, and software are second to none.

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Creston is the leading AV infrastructure company in the world and the backbone of many Intereum projects. Crestron employs scalable, reliable technologies for flexible and intelligent workplace solutions — all designed to improve workflow and productivity throughout your enterprise.

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Communication Tools

Collaboration ecosystems are necessary for today's market; they are vital to unify the various communication methods within a business. Catalyst integrates Zoom, Teams, WebEx, and more for enterprise customers demanding flexibility.

Microsoft teams

Communication, simplified.

Let us help you streamline your collaboration tools and simplify your communication technology.

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