Our family just got bigger with Knoll!

As of today, Catalyst is now the Herman Miller + Knoll dealer in the Puget Sound and ready to fulfill product orders for all 19 affiliated brands!

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Catalyst Workplace Activation is pleased to announce we have signed a letter of intent to purchase the Seattle Location of Western Office Interiors, a leading Knoll Dealer.

For the past 39 years, our corporate mission has been to become the leading commercial furniture dealer in the Pacific Northwest. Our acquisition of Western Office, finalizing in late February, brings us one step closer to accomplishing this goal. It also gives us access to some of the best and brightest Knoll experts, all of whom are invited to join our Catalyst team, allowing us to offer the breadth of the Knoll product offering very soon.

"Seeking strategic opportunities to grow our teams, our customers, and our brand has always been part of the Catalyst culture for almost 40 years. This acquisition will bring a strong team of professionals from Western Office with proven Knoll expertise to Catalyst. There's never been a better time to be a Catalyst customer!"

-Sean O'Brien, CEO, Catalyst

The acquisition of Western Office was sparked by the recently completed acquisition of Knoll Inc. by Herman Miller, Inc. in July 2021 (read more), forming the combined company of MillerKnoll, which represents a portfolio of 19 affiliated design brands.

Western Office, with locations in Los Angeles, has been a top Knoll dealer for 30+ years and has represented Knoll in Seattle since 2007. Their Seattle team has been invited to join Catalyst's over 120 employees in the Pacific Northwest.

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