Flight Recliner

Design Within Reach

Get on board — Sleek and streamlined, Flight is the recliner that doesn’t look like one. Jeffrey Bernett and Nicholas Dodziuk drew on experience designing ergonomic seating for private jets. They created a compact chair with the comfort of a traditional recliner but none of the bulkiness.

Cleared for takeoff

“A relaxed seating position that can change is a very nice thing to think about,” says renowned designer Jeffrey Bernett. “And bringing the best thinking you can to a problem is exactly what modernism is all about.” When we challenged Bernett and Nicholas Dodziuk to create a recliner that didn’t look like a recliner, they took us on willingly. Armed with experience designing ergonomic in-flight seating for private jets, Bernett knew how to create a comfortable chair with none of the bulkiness or macho pretense of a traditional recliner. Sleek and streamlined, the Flight Recliner (2005) is expertly upholstered with very few seams to suit its clean look.

Ready, set, recline.
A patented conversion mechanism takes you from sitting upright to feet up to full recline with just a slight seated push. Even when fully reclined, Flight stands on a compact footprint. Made in U.S.A.
  • Compact and comfortable recliner that doesn't look like a recliner.
  • Patented reclining mechanism for smooth, handle-free operation.
  • Sleek and streamlined with very few seams.
  • Just sit and give it a push to recline.
  • Backed by a lifetime frame warranty.
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