Lina Sofa

Design Within Reach

Ahead of the curve — Named after the Icelandic word for "line," the Lína Sofa features curved lines and a subtle oval footprint, giving the piece a spirit of movement and fluidity.

Fluid Footprint

Following the successful launch of his swiveling lounge chair – a favorite since its debut in 2018 – Icelandic designer Hlynur Atlason expanded the collection with a sofa that complements his lounge chair and sits well with other styles. Versatile and space-savvy, the Lína Sofa (2021) is both clean and complex, without a single straight line. From its arched back to subtly oval footprint, every surface suggests movement, with curves continuously changing trajectory. Icelandic for “line,” Lína “embraces you with all the softness on the inside,” says the designer. Made in Italy
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