Little Big Chair for Kids


This simple and functional height-adjustable chair for kids was designed at the request of caring grandfather and owner of Magis, Eugenio Perazzato. As a part of the LITTLE BIG Collection, Eugenio wanted a children’s chair that could be "adapted to the child’s growth from the age of two to six". "After several years of development, in particular to comply with strict international standards in the field of children’s-furniture ergonomics, the LITTLE BIG chair debuted in 2016, accompanied by a desk and tables, suitable for both home and kindergarten use." - BIG GAME Design Studio behind the LITTLE BIG Collection

Founded in 1976, Magis is an international design laboratory that seeks technical sophistication and employs a highly diversified workforce. Based in Italy, they work with well-known designers as well as promising new talent. About Magis