Sprout Stacking Chair

SitOnIt Seating

The supportive, flexing back on Sprout provides extra ergonomics while the simple shell + frame construction makes it 100% recyclable (and super easy to maintain). It pairs a refined silhouette with rugged durability and stacks higher than any other chair we have. Whether spread out, stacked up or stored away, Sprout is always ready to thrive.


Space-saving design features high-density stacking (up to 40 on a cart and 10 on the floor)

Ergonomic contouring with 10-degree flexing back provides superior comfort

Durable and simple shell + frame construction means it’s easy to maintain – and is 100% recyclable when it’s time to replace

Slim lines and silhouette complement an array of environments

Large clean-out makes clean-up quick

Ganging option locks chairs together effortlessly, creating well-ordered rows for seating

9 shell colors and 2 frame colors

300 lb weight capacity warranty

Lifetime warranty

All options ship in 2 days

With the fastest lead time in the industry, SitOnIt Seating® and IDEON® offer high-quality seating solutions that combine award-winning design with intelligent ergonomics. From healthcare to higher education, they've been the go-to destination for build-to-order seating since 1996.

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