Wilkes Modular Sofa Group

Herman Miller

Reintroducing a classic that’s versatile, inviting, and wickedly self-assured

Designed by Ray Wilkes and first introduced in 1976, this playful, eye-catching lounge seating has made a lasting impression. We’ve updated the essential postmodern design with power and material options. Everything else we’ve kept the same, from its injection-molded foam cushion construction to its integrated table option.

Structured for Comfort

Comfort starts with geometry—specifically the 105-degree angle of the seat and back. Steel brackets that join the seat and back have enough give that each back section can flex independently, providing a surprising level of individual comfort. The final factor? The rounded-edge cushions themselves are likened to the shape of Chiclet gum, which never “puddle” or lose their shape.

Scalable and Suitable

Whether you’re looking to inspire collaboration in a casual office setting, make a statement in your living room, or invigorate a student union, Wilkes Modular Sofa Group hits the mark. It comes in a range of configurations, from a single chair to a six-seat sofa, and—the beauty of modularity—you can specify a table instead of a seat unit anywhere along the run. A power option offers additional functionality.

Mod Versatility

For upholstery, you can go full PoMo with bright solids, or put an entirely different twist on it with a textile from Maharam. Its distinctive silhouette paired with versatile upholstery options make it adaptable to a wide variety of architectural styles.

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