Climate Pledge Arena

Climate Pledge Arena was an unprecedented project of scope and scale whose mission was to redevelop a beloved Seattle landmark, initially built in 1962, into the most sustainable arena in the world.


750 tables, 932 barstools, 515 Lounge chairs, 240 dining chairs, 65 sofas, and sectionals, and over 900 pieces of custom furniture… and so much fabric that if you rolled it all out, it would stretch over 16 football fields.

A project of such complexity requires a unique set of skills and a partnership built on trust. If not, the results can be disastrous. Luckily, the Climate Pledge Arena, our development partner Oakview Group, and their design firm, The Rockwell Group, brought the Catalyst team on years before the project broke ground.

“Catalyst has been our partner from day one. They actively helped us hone in on the design of various front-of-house and back-of-house spaces throughout the Arena that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional for all our guests.”
-Steve Mattson, General Manager – Climate Pledge Arena

Watch our video case study below:

This early collaboration allowed us to do some amazing things, like identifying concerns early, working closely with the arena to create custom furniture pieces, and finding the most sustainable options while being sensitive to the overall budget. We delivered on time, on budget, and on specification.

But as you would expect from a project that spans 800,000 square feet, daunting challenges arose throughout the process. While attending construction meetings, our project team identified discrepancies between the floor plans and the actual jobsite that could have cost the arena over $750,000. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic caused supply chain issues that could have potentially jeopardized the tight timeline leading to opening day. Fortunately, our extensive pre-planning, preparation, and communication helped us deliver the project successfully and on time.

“Catalyst helped to problem-solve and find products that would meet our needs… and make our guests happy. The team at Catalyst dropped everything. It was all-encompassing.”
- Jessica Sloate, Director of Arena Administration and Special Projects – Climate Pledge Arena

Through early partnership, fluid collaboration, and our team's expertise, we contributed to the success of a genuinely historic and award-winning project. We hope that next time you visit, you enjoy your experience at the arena our Catalyst team put our hearts and souls into!

Sub-Vertical Market: Sporting Venue

Location: Seattle, WA

Project Photography: © Catalyst Workplace Activation, Rachel Broaddus Photography

Design Firm: Rockwell Group

Types of Spaces: Catalyst provided all the furnishings for the 800,000 square feet. Arena, including private offices, conference rooms, open office, reception, theater/film room, lounge areas, many custom solutions, and high-end amenity spaces.

Manufacturers Specified: Here are a few of our 48 vendors specified: WCI, Herman Miller, Creoworks, DWR, OFS, Coriander, Interior Environments, Pottery Barn, Olivya Stone, Sandler Seating, Suite 22, SMJ Studios, All Modern, Astro Lighting, Tibetano, Industry West, Bludot, Restoration Hardware, Level 4, MG+BW, and MASH Studios.

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