Harborview - Hideaway

The Harborview Hideaway represents a fresh addition to Harborview Medical Center, serving as a dedicated staff break area. In 2022, a local philanthropist's generous donation to Harborview paved the way for creating a space to bolster staff resilience. With inclusivity in mind, Harborview sought a location that was accessible to all staff and capable of accommodating various activities, from relaxation to reading, away from the clinical setting.

Harborview Hideaway

This site was selected due to its ample size and adaptability to serve multiple functions. Its proximity to outdoor areas and abundant natural light further enhanced its appeal. Collaboratively, staff members from diverse departments, including EVS, food services, therapies, and nursing, contributed to developing and designing this rejuvenating space.

Sub-Vertical Market: Medical Center

Location: Seattle, WA

Types of Spaces: Staff Break + Lounge Room

Manufacturers Specified: Herman Miller, Knoll, OFS, Makr, Allseating, Arcadia, Andreu World, ERG International, and Watson

*We sell and represent more than 200 manufacturers with a wide selection of furniture, walls, flooring, lighting, and accessories to choose from.

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