Catalyst offers the most comprehensive range of modular walls, architectural products, and prefabricated interior construction solutions to fit any architectural, acoustic, timeline, and budgetary needs you may have. Maars Living Walls and Environamics are the leaders in sound privacy, aesthetics, modularity, and customization.

Maars Living Walls

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Thanks to its deep partnership with leading designers and commitment to sustainability, Maars Living Walls has become a leading global designer and fabricator of interior walls and partitions. The company was founded in 1946 and is based in Harderwijk, the Netherlands. Maars combine years of experience by effortlessly merging special innovation, aesthetics, and performance. Maars offer both standard and customized solutions.


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Environamics provides beautiful, high‐quality architectural interior walls at a fair price. Their wall products are made in the USA and designed with a concern for the sustainability of our environment.

“Ryan Buchanan and crew have been working together and know what needs to be done. [The team was] timely and professional. I would enjoy having them on-site again and welcome another job to install the MAARS wall system.”
Arup Pete Caley

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