Diagnosing Common Work Pains

Experiencing pain when working from home or at the office? Here's how to fix it with recommendations from the ergonomic experts at Herman Miller.

Diagnosing Common Work Pains n

Headache/Jaw Pain?

  • Check for forward head position.
  • Check monitor distance from eyes -pull monitor to arm distance away.
  • Adjust/increase text size

Right or Left Shoulder Pain?

  • Check for twisting at neck.
  • Work surface too high or too low will cause muscle tension (solution: height adjustable table or keyboard tray)
  • If the pain is on mousing side - check the mouse distance, get elbow closer to the body.

Hands Tingling or Numb?

  • Check wrist angle. Should be straight from elbow to fingertips.
  • Check for twisting at the neck.
  • Check for high contact pressure on wrist or forearm from surface/edge.

Low Back Pain?

  • Check chair height. Knees should be approximately 90 °/thighs parallel to floor.
  • Check slouching towards monitor - sit back against chair, pull monitor to arm distance away.
  • Check if seat pan depth is preventing use of backrest.

Feet or Lower Legs Numb?

  • Check seat pan depth. Keep 2 to 3 fingers distance between back of knee and chair.
  • Check chair height. Knees should be approximately 90 °/thighs parallel to floor.
  • Feet supported on floor or footrest.

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