Catalyst Logistics Center

Residing in Kent, WA, the brand-new Catalyst Logistics Center (CLC) is a dynamic hub of high-performing functionality and operational excellence.


This unique space comprises approximately 1,300 square feet of thoughtfully designed office space, complementing a sprawling 96,000-square-foot warehouse. With a focus on optimizing operations, the CLC serves as the nerve center for many critical functions, fostering collaboration, efficiency, and growth.

At the heart of the CLC lies the bustling hub for our Field Operations team, facilitating seamless coordination and execution of logistics strategies. Designed to inspire creativity and productivity, there are plenty of meeting spaces and versatile touchdown areas to cater to the dynamic needs of teams while providing a welcoming environment for impromptu discussions.

In constructing the CLC, the Catalyst team strategically used Falkbuilt for the demising walls, glass office fronts, meeting rooms, and restroom facilities. As a prefab interior construction solution, Falkbuilt allowed us to expedite the project schedule, eliminate waste onsite, and save time and money.

Overall, the Catalyst Logistics Center is a collaborative environment that bridges the gap between Field Operations and Sales Operations, fostering synergy and innovation. Through this new dedicated space, our teams are empowered to navigate complex logistical challenges with agility and precision, driving better client results.

Location: Kent, WA

General Contractor: Poe Construction

Project Photography: © Michael Dunford

Types of Spaces:
Lobby, Collaborative Areas, Meeting Rooms, Phone Pods, Cafe, Open Office, Private Offices

Manufacturers Specified:
Falkbuilt, Herman Miller, Knoll, Framery, DWR, Geiger, and Naughtone

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